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SculpSure NYC | SculpSure Fat Reduction

Non-Invasive Liposuction Alternative

Are you struggling to get rid of stubborn cellulite? You aren’t alone in that. Many men and women find themselves struggling to eliminate those difficult fat cells. At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, Dr. George Lefkovits offers SculpSure fat reduction to treat those problem areas without making you undergo surgery. This treatment is a game-changer for individuals who are ready to take the next step in creating the body they love.

If you would like more information about SculpSure Fat Reduction and how it can help reduce the fat deposits in certain areas of your body, please call (212) 750-9494 and contact New York, New York, plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today to schedule your initial consultation.


What is Sculpsure?

SculpSure is a non-invasive laser lipolysis treatment used to reduce fat in the flanks, abdomen, upper arms, thighs and knees. SculpSure nyc is an excellent treatment for both large and small problem areas and works to reduce fat and sculpt your body without surgery so that you can achieve a healthier, more toned appearance.

Most people have about nine pockets of stubborn fat in their bodies, which are resistant to diet and exercise. This problem fat is known as cellulite and lies just below the surface of the skin. SculpSure treatment targets these areas to destroy fat cells, permanently removing the cells so that they cannot regenerate in the treated area.


Benefits of Sculpsure NYC

  • Safe melting of your cellulite
  • Completely non-invasive
  • Painless treatment
  • Permanent results
  • Smooth skin following treatment

You may return to your daily activities immediately following your SculpSure fat reduction treatment in NYC. There is no downtime required to recover. You may expect to see results as early as six weeks following your treatment.

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