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What is the cause of inability to grow a beard or mustache ?

While there may be other causes, the most important cause of being unable to grow a beard or mustache is low levels of testosterone.

What is the procedure for beard and mustache hair restoration ?

The treatment for beard and/or mustache restoration is the same as for hair restoration. It involves taking hair follicles for a donor site, usually the back or sides of the scalp, and transplanting them to the beard or mustache area.

How many grafts are needed for beard or mustache transplant ?

The number of grafts varies but averages the following:
350-500 grafts for mustache
600-900grafts for each cheek beard
600-900 grafts for a goatee
200-300 grafts for each sideburn

Are the results natural ?

If properly performed by an experienced hair transplantation team the results are very natural.

Does beard transplant leaves scares ?

There may be scarring following beard hair transplantation which may become visible after shaving.