Buttock Augmentation

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Benefits of Buttock Enlargement

In the recent past, the cultural standard of beauty has been dominated by thin figures without much definition. Today, the balance is slowly swinging back in favor of more curvy, full, and healthy body shapes – including well-proportioned buttocks. However, many women find it difficult to reshape their buttocks through diet and exercise alone. Buttock enlargement can help solve this problem.

Will My Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

You have probably wondered about this question before. Some plastic surgeries develop a reputation among patients for having short-lasting or highly variable results, especially fat-grafting procedures like the Brazilian butt lift. However, the truth is that these procedures are far more reliable than you may have heard...but you need to make sure your surgeon is experienced with the procedure.

Choosing a Buttock Augmentation Surgeon

When you decide to get butt augmentation surgery, the most important step in the process involves choosing a surgeon who will consult with you and perform the surgery. As with any form of plastic surgery, you can't just choose any doctor. The aesthetic results of your butt augmentation will depend greatly on your surgeon's skill and familiarity with the procedure.

Ideally, the plastic surgeon performing your Brazilian butt lift should meet the following minimum requirements:

Improving the Shape of Your Butt

Open any workout magazine and you will see articles about how to sculpt your butt through diet, exercise, or clothes designed to give your body pleasing contours. While diet and exercise may give you the sort of results you are looking for, these can take a long time to show up, and are difficult to predict. You may find that too much exercise ends up removing your curves and giving you a flatter, less attractive butt.