Face Lift

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Is it time for a Facelift?

The aging process is a continuum and affects individuals differently. Some look real well even in the 50’s while others have progressive signs beginning in the 40’s. While there are non-invasive treatments including injectables and laser, when jowling and/or neck bands become really noticeable the best treatment is a face/neck lift. And you don’t have to worry about looking artificial.

When Should I Get a Face Lift?

Many of our patients ask us what the ideal age is for a face lift. If you have noticed wrinkles, facial folds, and other skin changes in recent years, you may be wondering whether now is the right time to undergo a face lift. The right timing for a face lift procedure will depend on a wide range of factors. During a personal consultation, Dr. Lefkovits will examine your facial skin, review your medical history, and determine whether or not face lift surgery is right for you at this stage in your life.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

Unlike Juvéderm and other injectable fillers, which smooth away wrinkles by adding volume to your skin, BOTOX® works by blocking acetylcholine – a chemical trigger that makes your facial muscles contract. These muscle contractions are responsible for the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in your face. By blocking the nerve signals that tell your muscles to contract, BOTOX® allows them to relax, resulting in a drastic reduction of deep-set, dynamic wrinkles.

BOTOX® is most commonly used to target:

Is a Face Lift Right for Me?

Your face is an essential part of your identity. If it appears worn out, tired, or constantly “droopy,” it can make you appear older than you truly are, impacting your self-confidence and overall quality of life. A facelift can help you restore a fresher, more youthful facial appearance that better reflects your true personality.

However, a face lift may not be the solution for everyone. Dr. Lefkovits will evaluate whether or not you are a good facelift candidate by evaluating several different factors, such as:

How the face Can Be Corrected With a Face Lift

As you age, your facial skin will inevitably begin to wrinkle – but for many people, this is worsened by sagging and loose skin, making them look worn out and haggard all the time. If your face looks considerably older than you feel, you may benefit from facelift surgery. A facelift procedure can help restore a younger-looking, more attractive appearance to your face, better reflecting your true personality.

In most cases, the following areas of the face can be repaired during a face lift:

Face Shape Research Shows Men When to Consider Face Lift

Men approach age a little differently than women, so when you start noticing some grey hairs and a few wrinkles, it's not a big concern. It's dignified and mature. But as it grows more pronounced, you may begin to wonder if it's time for a face lift. The main reason to decide to get a face lift is personal: if your appearance bothers you, then it's time to get it corrected. However, you may also want to consider whether changes in your face may affect the nonverbal signals you send to those around you.