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Breast Lifting with Minimal Scarring

Breast lifting is often needed following weight loss and/ or pregnancy. It may be performed with augmentation when loss of breast volume is also present. Most Mommy Make-overs include breast lifting.

Depending on the degree of sagging, breast lifting, very often, can be performed through an incision around the areola which usually leaves a barely perceptible scar. When augmentation is also included the lifting effect is further enhanced.

Will My Partner know I had a Breast Augmentation (Boob Job)?

Breast Augmentation or "Boob Job" as it is well known in the vernacular is one of to top 2 surgical procedures performed in the U.S according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

It is popular because women are very concerned about their appearance and femininity. In addition, today's implants are very safe, come in a variety of  shapes and sizes as well as consistency.

Breast Augmentation – Enhance Your Physical Appearance

Breast augmentation is a type of surgery which is used for restoring or increasing size of the breast with the help of saline implants, silicone gel implants and fat transfers. Nowadays, breast enlargement is a common and popular aesthetic surgical procedures which helps women regain, enhance as well as restore balance of their figure.

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