A Word about Salesmanship in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

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Some surgeons will try to present you with the latest new machine that is designed to do one thing or another, but such claims should be regarded with skepticism for two reasons.  First, many technologies are developed and put into application without proving their effectiveness.  Few of these technologies are actually harmful, but many of them do not represent significant improvements, so that you are paying for gewgaws, bells, and whistles, not a better procedure. Evaluate not just the claims, but the actual results of any potential procedure.

Second, and more important, though, is that any new piece of machinery is just an instrument, and an instrument is only as good as the surgeon who uses it. Aesthetic surgery is not like optical refraction, which can be measured with an interferometer. A cosmetic surgeon is an artist and a sculptor, and his results depend on his innate sense of aesthetics and his technique. A surgeon needs talent, and that talent improves as it is honed with practice and experience.

Cosmetic surgery may be an optional medical procedure, but it is still a medical procedure.  Your decision should be made on the basis of facts and evidence, not on the basis of a sales pitch.  When you are considering working with a cosmetic surgeon, ask to get information in the form of a thorough, knowledgeable description of your procedure and before and after pictures of the doctor's results before making your decision.

Dr. George Lefkovits has been practicing cosmetic surgery for nearly 25 years, and his results speak to his aesthetic sense and his technique.  Some examples of before and after pictures are given in the procedures pages, but to see a more complete set, please schedule a consultation today.