Beyond Gynecomastia Reduction: Chest Sculpting

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When women talk about what makes a man sexy, they often talk about the chest and abdomen.  Sculpted, bulging pectoral muscles and tight, well-defined abdominals--the so-called six pack abs--are commonly described as being the epitome of a sexy man.  Now, more and more men are seeking cosmetic surgery to help them achieve an ideal appearance for their chests.

Gynecomastia reduction has long been one of the most popular body contouring procedure for men.  But now even men that do not have gynecomastia are seeking help for their chests.  Body sculpting using liposuction is the removal of small amounts of fat in the abdominal and pectoral area to increase the definition of muscles, and more and more men are turning to it to get visible results.  Because body sculpting is designed to accentuate the muscles, it is an ideal complement to men's fitness programs.

And let's not forget the far more common laser hair removal, also often used to improve the appearance of a man's chest.  While older women are tolerant, even desirous of a man with chest hair, younger women tend to favor hairless chests, and men are responding.  Laser hair removal continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures sought by men, and most of them are looking to remove hair from the chest and back.

If you want to have a sculpted chest you can be proud to show off at the park, the beach, or the pool, but can't quite get it by yourself, please schedule a body sculpting consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.