Breast Asymmetry Correction

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Breast asymmetry affects close to 10% of women. In most situations, one breast is slightly larger than the other. Some women may not even desire surgery since the difference is so minor. Unfortunately, other women suffer from more pronounced breast asymmetry that becomes worse as they grow older.

Asymmetry in the breasts can be effectively corrected using the following methods:

For some patients, the best results will come from a combination of these two surgeries. For example, a breast augmentation might be performed on one breast, while a reduction is performed on the other, giving you a more proportional look and a more desirable breast volume. Dr. Lefkovits will work with you during a personal consultation to develop the right surgical approach.

If you have further questions about breast asymmetry correction, please contact New York breast surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today to schedule a consultation at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery. You can also reach us by phone at (212) 750-9494.