Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

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For women considering both pregnancy and breast augmentation, most plastic surgeons advise waiting until after childbirth and breastfeeding to schedule a breast augmentation procedure.

However, women who already have breast implants prior to pregnancy typically experience no related complications during childbirth and are usually capable of breastfeeding without problems.

Skin Changes with Pregnancy

With pregnancy, lactation and breastfeeding, you are likely to develop some skin laxity as your breast volume increases and decreases. This may or may not impact the overall appearance of your breasts, depending on your individual skin tone and elasticity.

While the implants themselves will likely not be affected by pregnancy, you may be unhappy with the changes in appearance that naturally occur with pregnancy. A breast lift may restore your pre-pregnancy appearance if this occurs.

Breastfeeding with Breast Implants

Your ability to breastfeed will likely not be altered by your breast implants.

In rare cases, however, certain types of breast implant incisions are thought to increase the risk for interfering with the milk production glands, and thus impede the ability to breastfeed. During your consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits, be sure to mention if you plan on having children after your breast augmentation.

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