Breast-Friendly Fashions

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The typical fashion model is stick-thin, often with only the slightest hint of breasts. Designers often select such slender, shapeless models because the lack of figure is like a blank canvas that allows designers to construct their fashions without worrying that the model will alter the desired effect. It is truly that these models are as close to a human clothes-hanger as possible. However, this commitment to stick-thin models seems to be changing, and the trend will likely be toward fashions that are more friendly to women with ample curves.

The signs are everywhere. Last year a plus-size model won the competition for America's Next Top Model. In Spain, stores are no longer allowed to use tiny models. In France, the government is considering requiring that all airbrushed fashion images carry warning labels. But most remarkable is some of the action from within the industry itself. At London Fashion Week earlier this year, designer Mark Fast incorporated size 14 women into his show. And Glamour Magazine featured models in all sizes in its September issue, including seven top curvaceous models.

Although the death of several anorexic models in recent years has put the spotlight on the fashion industry, the concern about women's body image seems to be only one of many reasons why the fashion industry is turning around. This is a continuation of a trend that embraces curvaceous beauty. Most women like being curvaceous, with good breasts, a narrow waist, and larger hips. The popularity of breast augmentation and body contouring tells us this. The fashion industry, by not catering to this desire, is finally realizing that it has alienated itself from much of society, inspiring not just anger, but indifference.

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