Breast Implant Revision Surgery: How to Know When You Need It

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Although about 99% of women are satisfied with breast surgeries like breast augmentation, we all know that breast implants are not lifetime devices.  All women should expect to have their breast implants replaced about 11-15 years after their first surgery.  Sometimes, though, a woman might need revision surgery before this.  New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits is skilled at performing breast implant revision surgeries and can help even if he was not the surgeon who performed your primary breast augmentation.

The most common reason for revision surgery is a ruptured or deflated implant.  For saline implants, a woman typically notices that her breast begins to shrink, but women with silicone implants often notice no visible, or even tactile, signs of rupture until the rupture is detected during a routine checkup. If your implants are still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the manufacturer covers the cost of new implants.

The second most common reason for revision surgery is an unsatisfactory appearance, which can include:

  • Implants that are not big enough or too big
  • Breasts that are asymmetric, or uneven
  • Double bubble, where it looks like you have an implant on top of a breast
  • Symmastia, a very rare condition in which breast implants touch under the skin
  • Bottoming out, where breast implants sink below their original pocket, and can cause an inframmary incision to become more visible
  • Breast implants that are too high on the chest
  • Outline of implant visible or implant rippling

Typically, all of these appearance problems can be corrected with a revision surgery.

If you are not as satisfied with the appearance of your breast implants and want to restore that sense of confidence you had after your breast augmentation, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Lefkovits to learn whether revision surgery can help.