Breast Implants for Petite Women

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If you have a petite frame and are considering breast augmentation, you will want to choose your breast implants wisely. Smaller implants can still look quite large on a petite woman. In particular, it is important to choose a breast implant that isn’t too wide. Wide breast implants can potentially protrude around the side of your chest, creating an appearance that is out of proportion. Your “skin envelope” will also need to be considered when choosing your breast implant size. breast augmentation for petite women

Breast Agumentation Options for Petite Frame

If your skin is tighter, it may not allow for a larger implant without complications. Balance and proportion are important in order to create the most natural look possible during breast augmentation. Most patients are looking for a “C” cup size, but for petite women, this may translate into a small “C” instead of a full “C”.

Breast Implant Sizes and Shapes

Remember that it is not only the size, but the profile and shape of your breast implants that will make a difference in your breast appearance.

For example, higher-profile breast implants will provide a rounder and fuller look, while lower-profile implants tend to provide a more natural “teardrop” look. Dr. Lefkovits will discuss your cosmetic goals with you and help you select the size that best reflects your desires. The motto when choosing your breast implant size should never be “one size fits all,” but always “the size that best fits you.”

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