Breast Implants Lead to Model's Ban from Boxing

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Sarah Blewden, a British model who first took up boxing for fitness but found she wanted to pursue her talent, has been banned from the sport by the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE), because she has breast implants.  Blewden had hoped and continues to hope to be the first woman to represent her country in boxing at the Olympics.  With the International Boxing Association (AIBA) coming out in full support of adding the sport to the 2012 Olympic Games in Copenhagen, and the International Olympic Committee about to make a decision on the sport, the stakes are high.

AIBA rules ban women with breast implants because of presumed damage to breast tissue.  The rationale is that breast tissue in front of breast implants may be at greater risk for damage and repeated blows to the chest could increase the likelihood of capsular contracture.  Rupture is not considered a risk because implants are robust and able to handle the force of blows typically encountered during boxing.

The primary danger, according to the ABAE's medical officer is fat necrosis, which can occur after repeated trauma to the breast.

However, as Blewden has protested, there is no data to support the rule.  Fat necrosis is a danger faced by all women, not just those with breast implants. At the very least, a blanket prohibition seems unjustified.  Instead, boxing officials should consider the size of the implant, the placement of the implant, and the implant's fill material in deciding whether or not to allow a woman to compete.

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