Breast Shape after Enlargement

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Breast enlargement has the primary effect of enlarging a woman's breasts.  Typically, this will also change the shape of breasts, but the shape of the final breasts is related to the initial breast shape, which is determined by external aspects of a woman's gross anatomy.

Factors that influence the final shape of a woman's augmented breast include the shape of the rib cage, the shape of the chest muscles, the shape and depth of the breast bone, the relative volume of original breast tissue to the size of the implant.  In addition, surface level characteristics such as the quality of the skin, especially its elasticity, the size and position of the nipples, and the position and character of the existing breast folds will also have an impact.  All of these are the factors that influenced the initial shape of the breast, so it is a reasonable start to imagine that the shape of your post-op breasts will be similar to the shape of your pre-op breasts.  This conservation of breast shape is desirable in most cases to create a natural appearance following your breast enlargement surgery.  You should expect, of course, that the curvature below the breast will be increased, and the slope of the top of the breast will be decreased.  If you look at our breast enlargement before and after gallery, you can get a sense of what features will be preserved.

To keep your breasts positioned optimally on the chest, and to keep the implant symmetrically behind your breast tissue, the breast is normally expanded equally above and below the current breast placement. Depending on the shape of your chest, breast implants may cause your breasts to move slightly toward one another, but it is best to avoid removing too much of the tissue between the breasts to prevent the occurrence of symmastia (aka breadloafing), in which breast implants touch.

And, of course, if you do not like the shape of your current breasts, different surgical techniques may be used to give your breasts a better postoperative shape.

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