Britons Opt for Cosmetic Surgery despite Economic Downturn

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Although it will be several weeks or months still before the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases its statistics, if the figures are anything like its British counterpart, we may see that the cosmetic surgery industry is not as hard-hit as other segments of the economy.

When the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons revealed its statistics this week, it showed that the number of plastic surgeries being sought in Britain continued to increase.  Although the British plastic surgery market is much smaller than its American counterpart, the 5 % growth is still considered significant.

Men constitute about the same percentage of the British market as the American (9 %), but the kind of surgery they seek is somewhat different.  Among British men, gynecomastia treatment just reached the top 5 with a 44 % surge in popularity over 2007.  The procedure has grown dramatically, increasing by over 1000 % since 2003.  However, the number one procedure for British men is the same as American men:  rhinoplasty.

Women made breast augmentation the most popular cosmetic surgery performed.  In addition, breast augmentation procedures increased by 30 % over 2007, the same rate as tummy tucks.

There are two reasons why the US market may not post the same kinds of gains as the British market.  First, as mentioned above, the British market is so much smaller than the US market, so small numerical increases make much larger percentage increases in Britain.  Second, the recession hit the British economy later than it hit the US economy, so there were several strong months early in the year for Britons before they began to experience a downturn, whereas the US economy has been wobbly all year.

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