Buttock Augmentation

Buttock and Breast Augmentation (NYC), Park Plaza Plastic Surgery New York (NY)

Buttock augmentation is an operation that has shown an increased popularity in recent years.  While many women and men imagine making their buttocks smaller, it is becoming an increasingly popular thing to have them enlarged.  The goal is rounded, attractive buttocks for both men and women.  Some of these men and women never developed substantial buttocks.  Others found that the very exercise which made them slender and attractive in other parts, erased the fat deposits in t heir posteriors but did not replace them with sufficient gluteal muscle to retain the desirable rounded appearance.

In fact, the procedure more than doubled in popularity from 2006 to 2007.  The procedure had seen significant growth since its introduction, but never anything so significant as this.  One reason for the dramatic increase is the cultural acceptance of larger buttocks that has gone on in the media.  "Fat-bottomed girls" had been something of a joke in mainstream culture until the 1990s, when "Baby Got Back," became a number one single in 1992, breaking into the mainstream consciousness that women with large buttocks could be attractive.  Large buttocks gained more exposure with the popularity of celebrities like Beyoncé and J. Lo.  However, the trend remained predominantly a phenomenon among the African-American and Latino communities until very recently.

But now large buttocks have made a major demographic shift.  Mainstream culture has now fully embraced  the thought that men and women with large buttocks are attractive.  Although it is unlikely to rival breast augmentation for popularity, now people of all ethnicities are seeking buttock augmentation to achieve the perfect look.

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