California Senate Approves Donda West Law

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Although Kanye West is in the news today because of his shenanigans at the MTV Video Music Awards, a couple years ago he made headlines when his mother died tragically during cosmetic surgery. Some pundits have recently described West as a selfish man with love only for himself, but in the past he was known partly for the love he showed to his mother, and her love and support for him. It was out of this love that Kanye had paid for his mother's tummy tuck and breast reduction. When she died, he was visibly affected, and it is likely that his attribution of his disorderly conduct to unexpressed grief may be sincere.

The law, dubbed the Donda West Law, was approved by the California Senate along with several other measures at the last minute in this session. It requires that a physical examination be performed within 30 days before the procedure and written clearance for the surgery is provided. In explaining the measure, the bill's author said, "Sometimes patients think they are well enough for cosmetic surgery, but in reality they are not."

New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits takes patient screening very seriously, and he performs detailed physical examinations to help ensure you are a good candidate for the surgery you desire.  He also asks that you remember to be honest about your health conditions and your aesthetic goals.

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