Can I Get a Mammogram After Breast Augmentation?

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It’s important for women 40+ years old to get annual mammograms. When breast cancer is caught early through a routine screening, it can be life-saving. You definitely can and should still undergo regular mammograms after breast augmentation, but you will need to see a radiologist who has experience screening breasts with implants. Certain techniques must be used to ensure the most accurate mammogram results.

The internal scar tissue that forms around your breast implants can sometimes collect calcium deposits, which makes interpreting your mammogram screening results more complex. An experienced radiologist will know how to take additional shots that show different views and angles of your breasts to ensure nothing is missed.

Many women are also afraid of implant rupture during a mammogram. However, this was more of a risk with breast implants in the past. Today’s breast implants are tested during the manufacturing process to ensure they can be compressed with great force without rupturing. Additionally, certain mammogram techniques can be used to further limit the risk of rupture.

Despite the extra care and attention that breast implants require during a mammogram, some women actually find it easier to perform self breast exams with implants, since it is easier to feel potentially cancerous lumps against the smooth surface of a breast implant.

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