Celebrity Cosmetic Procedures: Why They Do It, Why They Deny It, and Why We Care

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If you look at celebrity gossip sites and listen to plastic surgeons who work on them, the majority of celebrities have had plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments of some sort.  According to one surgeon, maybe as much as 90% of all celebrities over the age of 40 get maintenance treatments like Botox to maintain their appearance.  However, the majority of them deny it.  Even those who are known to have received Botox or even highly visible surgery like rhinoplasty continue to deny it or explain it as a deviated septum, which would not explain the changed appearance of their noses.  Why do celebrities seek out surgery and treatments, why do they hide it, and why do we care?

Celebrities seek out plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures for the same reasons many people do, only more so.  People often talk about the influence of beautiful women on screen, on magazine covers, and on billboards, how it makes "normal" women feel insecure.  Paradoxically, the women on the billboards or magazines are not made more secure by their image.  Instead, these images serve as gigantic mirrors that reproduce and magnify every flaw.  The effects of aging are made more drastic by the constant crush of aspiring young stars all wanting to be the next big thing and the producers who want to find that rising star.  By age 25, actresses often publicly talk about the pressure to look young. So it should not surprise us that they seek out plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery to improve or maintain their appearance.

But if plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are a completely understandable phenomenon, why do so many celebrities deny that they have had them?  Part of it is personal.  The women and men would not have gotten breast implants or a nose job if they did not feel self-conscious about their appearance.  So it is understandable that they would want to avoid the subject.  Another part of the reason is professional.  First, Hollywood is The Dream Factory.  "Naturally" beautiful celebrities are part of that dream, and always have been.  Early Hollywood used thick makeup, dyed blondes, and soft focus close-ups overtly, but from the beginning plastic surgery was more secret.  Celebrities also often have endorsement contracts that require them to attribute their enduring beauty to a particular product, concealing whatever other work they have had done.

So why do we care that these men and women have had cheek augmentation or a tummy tuck?  Mass media interacts in a funny way with the human social sense.  For most of our history, the people that we recognized instantly by face were our family and close friends.  Now we recognize by sight many people we have never seen "in person."  Although we rationally know that these people are not close family or friends, we often cannot help being emotionally involved with them.

And we also cannot help being influenced by the decisions made by our extended virtual family.  With growing exposure of celebrity plastic surgery, more people are seeking plastic surgery for themselves, and society as a whole has accepted it as a normal part of many people's lives.  Schedule a plastic surgery consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today if you want to make it part of yours.