Chinese Communist Party Officials Rush for Plastic Surgery

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As further proof that plastic surgery is not just an American phenomenon, politicians at the highest levels of Chinese government are seeking plastic surgery. The male plastic surgery patients are trying to look their best during increasingly common TV and public appearances. According to a senior surgeon, at least 500 government officials a year receive treatment at a single hospital in Beijing. The surgeon denied that the patients included any of the Communist Party's ruling council, the Politburo (possibly out of fear of reprisal), but said that some of the Party's highest cadres took advantage of the service.

The officials "want to make sure that they have the strong features that government officials are supposed to have," according to the surgeon. The most popular procedure is an eyelid lift, followed by other facial rejuvenation procedures, including BOTOX® Cosmetic and facial filler injections.

Plastic surgery is a growing industry in China. Currently, the Chinese spend about $2.4 billion on plastic surgery, a figure that is growing at about 20% per year.

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