Choosing Bras after Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

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During the recovery period after your breast augmentation, you will wear a special recovery bra, but after a few weeks it will be time to transition into normal bras. You might like the way  your new breasts support themselves, and you might be tempted to think that you don't need a bra. Breast implants--especially silicone implants--do tend to support themselves better than natural breast tissue, but they are still affected by gravity. A well-fitting supportive bra will help you maintain the quality of your results for longer.

The average woman in the US has nine bras in the drawer, with six in regular rotation (much less than our friends across the pond--British women average 16 bras).To celebrate your results and make sure your breasts look their best in every situation, you might want to select a number of bras to build up your essential bra wardrobe, including:

  • Everyday bra--comfort and support are the watchwords for an everyday bra. You might want several so you can rotate them. Don't forget to replace them when the elastic gets worn out.
  • Push up bra--less necessary after your surgery, but it can still help you show your breasts to their full advantage.
  • Minimizer bra--You will love your results most days, but some days and some outfits--like button-up shirts that can gap at the bustline--you may want a little less, which is what a minimize does for you.
  • Sports bra--after gravity, exercise is your breasts' worst enemy. A well-fitting and supportive exercise bra will reduce movement and prevent damage to your breasts during exercise. Replace your sports bra regularly as the elastic wears out, reducing the support it gives.
  • Convertible bra--unless you attend a lot of formal occasions, you probably don't need a full-time strapless bra, but there are many outfits where a convertible bra can be very useful.

These are the workhorses of your bra collection, now for the chargers, special-occasion bras that can complement any outfit or mood:

  • Demi cup bra--exposes more of the top of the breast, making it ideal for showing off cleavage in low-cut square or scoop neck outfits
  • Lacy--even if you never show it, wearing a lacy bra under your outfit can help you feel more feminine, making it a great pick-me-up for days when you feel a little "blah." And they can be a nice element in this summer's "peep show" style.
  • Shelf bra--if you are looking for the ideal bra to "debut" your breast augmentation results to your husband or boyfriend, a shelf bra is a great choice.
  • Backless bra or plunge bra--some formalwear might call for a low-backed or low-fronted bra

And whatever bras you choose, consider getting a professional fitting after your surgery. Not only will this help ensure you have the best fit and support, it will help make you feel special about your results. To leaner more about how breast augmentation can change your look and your wardrobe options, please schedule a consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.