Considering Lipodissolve? Think Again.

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If you are looking at your stubborn fat deposits and wishing there were some way to make them just disappear, injection lipolysis, called lipodissolve among other things, might seem like the answer to your problems.  A simple injection, they say, will dissolve your fat.

But is it safe?  Does it work?  No injection lipolysis formula has been FDA-approved for use, and there is no good evidence about its safety and effectiveness.

During the period of snake-oil salesmen, there was no oversight of what drugs contained.  It was a case of caveat emptor, and the consequences of taking the wrong drug could be drastic.  Taking a drug that has not been FDA-approved is like voluntarily taking a step back to a time when pep pills were cocaine, cough syrups contained opium, and diet pills held tapeworm eggs. Injection lipolysis has no standard formula.  Most include phosphatidylcholine (PPC) and sodium deoxycholate (SDC).  However, most doctors using a form of injection lipolysis custom-mix their own cocktails designed to increase the effectiveness of the formula.

The FDA has not seen clinical data that it injection lipolysis is an effective treatment.  The majority of researchers who have investigated its effects own a share in the patented formula being tested or otherwise have a vested interest.

The chemicals used have not shown any specificity for fat.  In tissue culture studies, injection lipolysis formulas lead to general cell death.  The formula could just as easily dissolve muscle or nerves as fat because it is a toxin injected into your body to kill cells.

The only reliable method for removing stubborn fat deposits is liposuctionSchedule a lipososuction consultation with Dr. George Lefkovits before agreeing to any snake-oil treatment.