Considering Plastic Surgery? Eat Your Vegetables

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We have already talked about the importance of achieving an ideal body weight before undergoing body contouring surgery, but recent research has stressed the importance of a healthy diet before and after your plastic surgery procedure.

The study, which has been published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' official organ, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, looked at the effects of nutrition on the recovery of post-massive-weight-loss body contouring patients.  These patients were selected partly because their tendency to have nutritional deficiencies and the stress that these operations put on the body which would most dramatically show the significance of nutrition.  It was found that providing patients with vitamin supplements during the preoperative period reduced major complications by as much as 66 percent.

If you are going to be undergoing plastic surgery such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation, it is recommended that you establish yourself on a healthy, balanced diet before the surgery, that you avoid periods of fasting during the preoperative period, and that you start taking a recommended multivitamin three weeks before your surgery.  Then, following surgery, you should resume eating your recommended postoperative diet as soon as you are able, and continue taking vitamins through the entire recovery period.

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