Corset or Plastic Surgery: How Best to Get an Hourglass Figure

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Those of us that grew up watching Gone with the Wind thought the scene with Scarlett O'Hara getting her corset tightened was a document of an age long gone.  People would never again subject themselves to that kind of punishment for beauty.  But, remarkably, corsets have made a comeback.

A combination of Goth, Steampunk, and vampire chic has brought vintage clothing styles back into fashion in a very big way, and new high-tech materials have made shapewear more flexible than ever.  Many women who might never have imagined it a few years ago are seriously looking at corsets.  So, what is the best way for women to achieve a curvy figure, plastic surgery or a corset?

At first glance, the corset seems like the clear favorite.  Surgery does have risks, but a corset is just a piece of clothing, right?  And it promises to do many things at once:  push up the breasts, slim the waist and even upper hips, and accentuate the buttocks.  However, it's important to remember that a corset does have limits. First, many women find they do need an assistant to get maximum benefit out of a corset. Plus, a corset only works with what you have, and all that you have has to go somewhere. It can give you full, round cleavage, but often at the cost of projection.  And, unless you have no fat in your upper back, you may find large bra rolls unfortunately come along with your slender waist.  And don't forget that corsets have risks, too.  Women have cracked ribs and passed out from oxygen shortage wearing corsets.

As with exercise, this isn't really an either/or proposition.  In many cases plastic surgery and corsets can be complementary ways to help you achieve the look you desire.  The bra rolls induced by corsets can be addressed with liposuction of the upper back.  And liposuction, possibly in combination with a tummy tuck, can slim down your figure so you can achieve the same look with less crowding in the corset.  That means you may actually be able to get into the corset on your own, breath while you're in it, and  reduce the risk of doing yourself serious physical harm.

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