Cosmetic Surgery for Men

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Recently, news media outlets have been talking about men getting plastic surgery.  They are treating this as news largely as a result of recent statistics that show substantial increases in the number of men receiving cosmetic treatments.  According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic medical treatments performed on men grew by 17 % to comprise 9 % of the total procedures performed last year.

That men are seeking cosmetic surgery is no surprise to us at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, where men already make up 30 % of our patients.  We have long been performing cosmetic procedures on male patients, and we know how to make the cosmetic procedure experience as comfortable as possible for men who may feel sensitive as a result of the common perception that cosmetic surgery is something for women only.

Our years of experience performing cosmetic surgery on men means that we have separate books of before and after pictures showing the positive results we can achieve for male patients.  There is an entirely different aesthetic for the male body and the female body, and there is no reason why a man should have to try and guess from a picture of a woman's body what kind of results he might get from a cosmetic procedure.

We also maintain separate office hours for men, who are made to feel more comfortable with other men in the waiting room.  The men-only hours create a very fraternal atmosphere making the entire experience more comfortable and rewarding.

If you are a man seeking cosmetic surgery, please contact Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, where we invest in giving men the best possible results.