Cosmetic Surgery Spending Bouncing Back from Recession

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The unemployment rates are still high, and some people still have anxiety about their jobs, but signs of recovery are everywhere.  From this summer's construction season, brought to you by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to retirement portfolios posting profits, to credit beginning to loosen and flow to people who need it (including people looking to finance cosmetic surgery), signs point to the worst being behind us.  This includes cosmetic surgery spending.

In Los Angeles, where the cosmetic surgery market was hit as bad or worse than anywhere in the country (far worse than New York), business was off by 40% for many cosmetic surgeons in the early part of the year.  However, spring witnessed a recovery in cosmetic surgery spending in the Los Angeles market, a good barometer for cosmetic surgery nationwide.  According to a Los Angeles Times article, business had recovered significantly, with many surgeons reporting that business was now down only about 10%.

The recovery is due to many factors.  One is that doctors have been offering incentives and discounts.  Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits, for example, is offering discounted procedures for patients who can take advantage of our "plastic surgery standby."  In addition, baby boomers, the biggest market for most cosmetic surgery procedures aimed at rejuvenation, continue to feel the pressure of aging and a desire to look younger. And many people are feeling more secure in their jobs as they realize that the general panic of last year and early this year may have been unjustified.  Outside the financial sector and the housing sector, what we are seeing is more of a readjustment in the market than a full-scale collapse.

If you have been wanting cosmetic surgery, but fears about the economy have kept you from getting the procedure you want, now may be the time to put those fears aside.  Schedule a consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits to talk about your cosmetic surgery options.