Cougar Makeovers Make an Impact

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Cougars, older women who date younger men, came to be a big social trend after a few high-profile celebrity couples bravely swam against the prevailing social current that dictated older men went out with younger women.  Demi Moore (freshly divorced from Bruce Willis) and Ashton Kutcher were the most prominent couple, and their ongoing relationship fed a fire that seemed to grip the cultural imagination.  Young men and older women began seeking each other, and the trend has grown to include its own reality TV show. In large part, this trend has been made possible by cosmetic surgery procedures that allow many women to look considerably younger than their age.  Although a few lucky women look great without treatment into their 50s, many women need help to remain attractive to 20-something guys. It has become such a part of our culture that many women are setting aside money from divorce settlements for cosmetic surgery, such as facelift or breast implants to help restore volume lost following one or more pregnancies.  The number of breast augmentations grew in the 40-54 age group against all other age groups in 2008. Women who get involved with a younger man after a painful divorce are often seeking to reinvigorate themselves, to draw on the energy of youth and feel younger themselves in setting off on their new single life.  Cosmetic surgery can also help these women feel younger. If you are embarking on a new life and want to enter it with a fresher, younger appearance, New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits may be able to help.  Schedule a consultation today to learn more.