Don’t Fear Mammograms After Breast Augmentation

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Women with breast implants should approach mammograms in the same manner as women who have not undergone breast augmentation: as a yearly procedure beginning at age 40, or earlier if you have a family history of cancer.

Due largely to unfounded fears about mammogram screenings rupturing or otherwise damaging breast implants, many women who have had breast augmentation are reluctant to get mammograms. There is also a misconception that breast implants interfere with the ability to receive an accurate mammogram.

Although the presence of breast implants can make the imaging process more difficult, mammogram technicians are adept at screening women who have breast implants thanks to evolving technology and the increasing popularity of breast augmentation. Mammograms on women with breast implants typically require pushing the breast implants slightly away from the breast tissue so a greater amount of tissue can be visualized.

Most mammogram technicians will ask you if you have breast implants prior to your screening; if not, it’s important to alert the person conducting your mammogram that you have breast implants so he or she can take steps to ensure an accurate screening. This can be done without excessive stress or damage to your breast implants.

In most mammograms of women with breast implants, multiple images are taken from numerous angles to provide complete images of your breasts. If your mammogram reveals irregularities, your technician or personal physician may recommend an MRI to obtain a more comprehensive view.

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