Do's & Don'ts for Plastic Surgery During the Recession

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Many people have been hit hard by the recession--and those that haven't are afraid they will.  For those who are looking to conserve a little money in these tougher economic times while still looking good, there are many options.  But beware, not all of them are good options.  Here is some of the best--and worst--things you can do to save money on plastic surgery during lean times.

Do Use Injectables & Non-Invasive Treatments Injectables like Botox Cosmetic and facial fillers are a good, cost-effective way to combat wrinkles and facial folds.  Their main disadvantage is that they are temporary, requiring retreatment every 4-6 months, but they give great results.  Sometimes, they can even help plan for a permanent procedure (such as facial implants) that you can then get when your financial situation improves.

Don't Get a Bad Procedure Because It's Cheap If you feel you need a facelift, but can't afford it right now, you might start searching for cheaper alternatives.  Some doctors offer shortcut facial procedures like the threadlift that promise myriad benefits such as being less expensive, requiring less time for the procedure and for recovery, but evaluate these carefully.  Often these procedures are not the bargains they appear.  They can give very inconsistent (and often highly temporary) results, be painful, and even require expensive revision surgery.  Carefully evaluate any plastic surgery alternative to be sure it is safe and effective.

Do Ask About Financing & Discounts because it never hurts to ask.  Many of the best doctors don't offer discount rates, but if you can get the same procedure for less--why not?

Don't Shop Doctors Based on Price because your plastic surgery is too important to risk.  You should use cost of a procedure to decide when and if you should have it, but you should never pick a doctor because he's cheaper (or more expensive).  Always pick a plastic surgeon whose training, experience, and prior results give you confidence.

Do Save Before Your Procedure even if you're getting financing.  The more you can save, the better off you'll be.  Smaller loan amounts will be less of a burden if your economic situation takes a turn for the worse.  And getting in the habit of saving before your procedure will help you establish a budget that will get your loan paid off more quickly.

Don't Go Overseas for Plastic Surgery. Establishing the credentials of doctors overseas is difficult.  In many cases, doctors do not have the same level of certification and licensing requirements as doctors in the United States.  And if you experience complications related to your procedure, you will have to work with a different doctor, which can make dealing with the complications more difficult.

If the current hard times have cut into your ability to afford the cost of plastic surgery, we can help.  Schedule a plastic surgery consultation with New York, New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.