Dr. Lefkovits Featured in CNBC Business Spot

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According to a recent CNBC Healthy Horizons spot on executive health, more men are seeing the benefits of Injectables including Botox Cosmetic and Fillers for their looks and for their business.  The spot featured Dr. George Lefkovits' use of Botox Cosmetic injections for businessmen.  Dr. Lefkovits says men's motivations for Botox and other cosmetic treatments "predominantly is economic."  Men know that looking better and feeling better go hand in hand with business success. Looking better gives confidence, and confidence leads to success.

Patient Thomas G., who has spent nearly $20,000 over the last five years, says the investment in his appearance has paid off, "at least five times over."

In this tough economic environment, cosmetic treatments like Botox and Fillers like Juvéderm and Radiesse can give you the edge you need to stay in the game.  To learn more, schedule a cosmetic treatment consultation with Dr. Lefkovits today.