Face Shape Research Shows Men When to Consider Face Lift

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Men approach age a little differently than women, so when you start noticing some grey hairs and a few wrinkles, it's not a big concern. It's dignified and mature. But as it grows more pronounced, you may begin to wonder if it's time for a face lift. The main reason to decide to get a face lift is personal: if your appearance bothers you, then it's time to get it corrected. However, you may also want to consider whether changes in your face may affect the nonverbal signals you send to those around you.

Although a purely masculine face is not considered the most attractive, generally, the perceived masculinity and dominance in your facial features can have a big impact on your success. Studies have correlated perceived masculinity with final rank for cadets graduating from military school. Dominant facial features can have an impact on a number of factors crucial to success in hierarchies. They can give you an appearance of competence and strength, and make others more willing to follow your lead. Unfortunately, age can negatively impact some of the key aspects of a masculine, dominant face. Jowls can form, obscuring the strong definition of your chin and jaw bone. Sunken cheeks can undermine high strong cheek bones. When this happens, you may notice subtle changes in those around you as they respond to the nonverbal signals being sent by your demasculinized face. If you are noticing this, it may be time to consider a face lift to restore your masculine features.

If you feel that changes in your face due to aging may be making others treat you differently, a face lift may be the right procedure for you. To learn more about face lifts, please call 212-750-9494 or email us to schedule a consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.