Factors that Can Influence Your Postoperative Cleavage

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Breast augmentation is a procedure to improve the appearance of your breasts.  There are a number of factors that make up the appearance of your breasts, including size, shape, and symmetry.  Depending on your preferred style of dress, cleavage can also be an important aspect of the appearance of your breasts.  Breast augmentation enlarges the breasts, and it can preserve the shape. Usually, it will also enhance cleavage, although the degree to which it does so depends on the anatomy of your chest.

Cleavage is defined as the space between the breasts that is exposed, and the amount of cleavage is a combination of the depth and length of the hollow as displayed.  This can be changed by wearing different outfits, but limits are placed on it by the physical characteristics of the breasts.

The normal shape of a woman's chest is a curve on either side, with a relatively flat front and a slightly depressed sternum.  This is an excellent starting point for achieving good postoperative cleavage.  In women with this chest shape, the breasts are located on the front of the chest, and once the breast implants are placed, the majority of the implant will project forward of the sternum.

Some women have a significantly depressed sternum.  This will tend to push the breast implants toward one another and, although good cleavage can be achieved, the depressed sternum may lead to additional pressure on the intermammary cleft that can increase the risk of symmastia.

For women with a protruding sternum, it can be more difficult to achieve good postoperative cleavage.  Although the breasts may have a good appearance and shape, they may be too divergent to achieve good cleavage comfortably, and the protruding sternum can reduce the relative projection of the breasts.

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