Fat Grafting Side Effect: Improved Skin Quality

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According to a study published in the September 2009 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, fat grafting (or transplanting) may have additional benefits beyond increasing volume as either a facial filler or during buttock augmentation. Fat grafts may actually lead to improved skin quality, as measured by dermal thickness.

The study analyzed the effects of fat grafted into nude mice. In all cases, they found the fat had become well incorporated into the mice.  It had developed blood vessels that would supply the grafts, a key to long-term survival of fat graft. However, researchers also found that the skin in the mice receiving fat grafts had become thicker as a result of the production of new collagen. Using several different types of controls, the researchers were able to eliminate the likelihood that increased skin thickness was related to inflammatory reactions.

This work is still very preliminary, and researchers caution that no work has been done to determine the longevity of newly-generated collagen. But if it turns out to be a real side effect, it means that fat graft recipients may get additional benefits that can further improve the results and longevity of facial fat grafting.

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