Firing of Woman for Breast Augmentation Prompts Possible Legal Challenge

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Last year Condé Nast fired a woman for supposedly showing the results of her breast augmentation to two friends. Now, the woman is considering a lawsuit to get herself reinstated or win damages from the company after she was given no severance pay.

According to the woman's testimony, she talked to some long-time female friends about her breast augmentation and they were curious about the results. To show her friends the results, she invited them into her office, closed the door, and removed her blouse to show them her breasts. She was still wearing a sports bra, but rumor of the event quickly spread around the office. Someone filed a complaint and she was called into human resources to talk about the issue. Two days later, she was fired, ostensibly based on "additional information" they had received but did not share with the employee in question.

Breast enlargement is your right, a protected form of personal expression, and should not lead to any negative consequences in terms of your employment. However, it is probably best to save details about your operation for off-work hours.

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