Fraudulent Cosmetic Surgeons Flee Custody after Buttock Augmentation Patient Dies

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This is advice we hate to have to repeat: never get cosmetic procedures, including so-called non-surgical procedures, from a person without first checking to ensure that the practitioner is licensed to practice medicine. Also, never receive an injection or other procedure in a setting such as a person's home or other non-clinical setting.

Injections performed in a non-clinical setting greatly increase your risk of serious, potentially life-threatening complications. Never agree to direct injection of silicone into the body. Directly-injected silicone can lead to adverse reactions that may include hardening and scarring. It also has the possibility of entering the blood stream and being transported to lungs, where it can lead to respiratory failure and death, such as likely occurred in this case.

We now have news of another woman who suffered a fatal complication from the direct injection of silicone into her buttocks. In this case, the so-called doctors, a pair of women, neither of whom is licensed to practice medicine in the United States, performed direct silicone injections in a Los Angeles-area home. They were arrested on charges of practicing medicine without a license, but skipped bail and their current location is unknown.

Buttock augmentation can be performed safely using your own fat from donor locations where it is removed via liposuction and purified before re-injection. This will give you the firmer, rounder buttocks you desire using only your own tissue. New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits has extensive experience in performing these operations in a safe, fully-accredited surgical facility.

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