Getting Back to the Gym after Breast Surgery

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Many of the women who get breast surgery such as breast augmentation or a breast lift are fit and love to exercise. So one of their concerns is when they can get back to the gym after breast augmentation surgery. The best answer is that everyone is different and during your recovery New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits will evaluate your healing at different points to clear you for different levels of activity, but here are some general guidelines of what to expect.

During the first two weeks, you should count on taking it easy and focusing on recovery from your breast surgery. Some light walking and some basic stretching should be the extent of your exercise.

By the third week after breast surgery, you can add light cardiovascular exercise and lower body workouts. Two restrictions to remember. First, try not to overdo it. Getting your blood racing too soon can put stress on delicate blood vessels in the healing area, causing them to break, which can contribute to hematoma. Second, remember that your breasts are still healing and you should avoid high-impact exercises like running. Instead, choose lower-impact exercises like a stationary bike or elliptical machine. Not swimming, of course.

By the sixth week (or slightly sooner for breast lift or augmentation with subglandular implants), you can begin working on conditioning the pectorals again. The key is to think low-weight, high rep exercises that don't isolate the pecs. Isolating the pecs too soon can increase the risk of injury.

By the twelfth week you should be ready to return to your pre-surgery routine.

If you have detailed questions about recovery from breast augmentation, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Lefkovits to get them answered in person.