Growing Old Gracefully with Cosmetic Treatments

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The media often presents us with a false choice.  As we grow older, we can either elect to have cosmetic treatments--such as Botox and injectable facial fillers--and plastic surgery--like facelifts--or we can "grow old gracefully."  But the truth is that cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery can help you grow old gracefully.

The people who speak against cosmetic procedures have no problem with creams and nutrition supplements that help the body and skin maintain its youthful appearance.  These creams often contain exotic ingredients harvested from tropical rainforests or desert islands for their healing properties.

In a similar fashion, cosmetic treatments are designed to help your body heal itself and maintain a youthful appearance longer.  And taking advantage of the entire spectrum of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery can ensure that you gradually transition into your golden years looking younger and feeling better.

At a young age, you can start using glycolic acid peels, which can help your skin remain smooth and vibrant by gentle exfoliation and nutrification of the skin.  As wrinkles begin to develop, you can treat them with some of the mildest treatments, according to their nature.  Botox injections utilize an extract of natural botulinum toxin to relax targeted muscles that can cause permanently furrowed brows.  Juvéderm is used to fill wrinkles and folds due to lost facial volume.  It is derived from hyaluronic acid, a moisurizer naturally found in the skin but which can be lost with age.  If your skin has lost thickness and is gaining a crepey texture with fine wrinkles, laser skin resurfacing can stimulate the body to produce additional collagen to firm, thicken, and smooth the skin.  And, when necessary, facelifts can be used to reposition parts of your face that have been displaced by gravity.

In combination, cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery can allow you to grow old not just gracefully, but very slowly.  If you would like to learn more about looking younger longer, schedule a facial rejuvenation consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.