How common is the Brazilian Butt Lift in New York?

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Dr. George Lefkovits, one of the country's leading buttock augmentation surgeons answers the question: How common is the Brazilian Butt Lift in New York?

Over the past few years, the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is butt augmentation through fat transfer, has rapidly gathered attention from the public in New York and throughout the US. Every surgical survey shows that this procedure is shooting up in popularity, and there are several reasons why this procedure is catching on so rapidly. In our surgical practice, the Brazilian Butt Lift is the number one operation that is requested and performed. However, even though this procedure is becoming more common, it is still best to have it performed by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience with the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are idealized for their shapely buttocks with slim figures, and it is possible for you to attain similar results. During the Brazilian butt lift procedure, gentle liposuction is performed on targeted areas, such as the tummy, so that the fat can be harvested and injected in the buttocks. A successful Brazilian butt lift tackles two issues at the same time – a less than shapely butt and unwanted fat.

A skilled and experienced surgeon is the most important asset for this procedure. They are important primarily because of the sensitivity of fat transfer – it is very important that the fat injections can still get a good blood supply in the new host site. In addition, an experienced surgeon can take into consideration the following criteria in deciding the size of your butt lift and where to perform liposuction:

  • Assessment of the contours of the body
  • New butt size in proportion to rest of the body
  • Appropriateness of fat harvesting site
  • Smaller incision sizes
  • Reduction of potential fat rejection

In addition, consulting an experienced surgeon can help minimize risk and improve recovery.

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