How do you determine the size of your breast implant?

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Dr. George Lefkovits is often asked how do you determine the size of your breast implant.  That depends on the size and shape of your body.  Read his full answer below: After deciding that breast augmentation is a good option for you, the next step is to choose the size of the implants. There can be a fine line between aesthetically pleasing implants and implants that are not proportional to the body. Since implants come in many sizes, many women feel overwhelmed by the decision-making process. The best resource is our New York breast surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits. Our surgeon will take the following factors into consideration while making a recommendation on implant size:

  • Your personal desires
  • Current breast size
  • Your body size
  • Tightness of breast skin envelope
  • Natural body contours
  • Any physical limitations
  • Occupation

All these criteria are very important. The breast surgery will largely depend on your personal preferences. A good way to assess this is to look at before and after photographs with our surgeon to see which results are most appealing to you. For some women, that may be an additional cup size or a few cups. While not every individual’s anatomy is the same, our surgeon can guide you toward what would be most appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. A specific cup size on one woman may not look the same on you, but we can make specialized recommendations for you to be able to attain the same appearance. Finally, our surgeon may provide you with additional advice based on all the criteria involved. We want to give you realistic expectations for the best possible results. Your breast skin may be too thin to handle larger implants, or your height and weight may not suit specific implant sizes. In addition, the amount of physical activity that you expect to participate in can be limited by larger implants. We can make recommendations based on what would look most natural on your body, what would best suit your lifestyle, and how to achieve your dreams. Assess Your Implants with Us Sometimes you need a second opinion or additional guidance from professionals on your implant sizes. Our New York City board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits, of Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, is available for a consultation at (212)-750-9494. Additionally, we can be reached anytime online.