How long before I can return to work following breast augmentation?

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A common question among breast augmentation patients is: How long before I can return to work following breast augmentation.  NY plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits answers below: Breast augmentation is a common plastic surgery with fairly predictable results. Following surgery, there may be varying levels of pain and sensitivity, which is why it is recommended that women take as much time off work as allowed. Depending on the nature of work that you perform, most patients can return after about a week. Some other patients can return to work after only four days.

However, this all depends on the success of your surgery, your health, and steps that you take before and after the surgery for optimal recovery. During the first few days following your surgery, there is often a considerable amount of swelling, pain, and discomfort. As a result, medication to help minimize swelling and to help manage pain is necessary. Many medications that are prescribed during this time period can make you very sleepy. In addition, during this time period, showering and excessively moving around is not recommended due to the sensitivity of the surgical area. After the first few days, the swelling may move to the other parts of your body.

Generally, it is okay to shower after a week, depending on the recovery of your wounds and surgical site. Many patients take less pain medication during the day, but still experience a great deal of pain at night. Bruising may also become more apparent at this stage. After about a week, swelling and pain goes down considerably and low impact activity can be re-introduced back in your routine. This is often when it may be safe to go back to work, depending on the kind of work that you do. For some women that have desk jobs that do not require much physical labor, going back to work with a clean bill of health may be possible at this point. However, if your job requires high impact activity, handling of heavy items, or lots of movement, a further discussion with your surgeon and monitoring of your recovery is necessary.

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