How Long do Breast Implants Last?

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Before you commit to breast augmentation, it’s important to confront the fact that your breast implants will not last forever.

Some breast implant makers provide a 10-year warranty with their breast implants, and many women have reported breast implants that retain their appearance without complications for upward of 15 years. Some women have healthily maintained breast implants without the need for revision for more than 20 years.

Between 10 and 15 years, however, the chance for breast implant changes and the potential need for revision increase. Follow-up procedures to an initial breast augmentation typically address:

  • Age-related body changes that affect the implants, such as drooping breasts
  • Breast implants folding, rippling or wrinkling
  • Breast implant rupture (more common among saline breast implants)
  • Breast hardening or capsular contracture

Generally, saline breast implants are more susceptible to rippling, leaking and rupture, and saline breast implants may necessitate earlier replacement than silicone gel breast implants. Regular checkups following your breast augmentation will help ensure that your implants are intact and properly positioned.

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