How Will Pregnancy Affect My Breast Augmentation?

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If you get pregnant after your breast augmentation, your pregnancy will not affect the integrity of your breast implants. However, the stretching of your breast tissue during pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause some changes in the overall appearance of your breasts.

After breastfeeding, some women notice a loss in volume in their breasts. Others may notice a less firm tone, and that their breasts are more prone to ptosis (sagging). Not everyone will experience these issues. Some women look just fine after pregnancy – or the changes are so minor they are not a cause for concern.

However, i you do experience changes in your breasts after pregnancy that frustrate you, a breast lift can restore the pre-pregnancy appearance of your breasts. If you lost a significant amount of volume during pregnancy, you may also want to consider placing larger breast implants. Dr. Lefkovits can discuss these issues with you during a consultation, and help you make an informed decision after outlining all of your options.

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