If Your Teen Asks for Breast Implants for Graduation . . .

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It is becoming a more and more common phenomenon: teen girls telling their parents that they want bigger breasts for graduation. Parents often find themselves taken aback. Their daughters and smart and pretty and should feel no need for surgery to feel self-confidence. Mothers may look at their daughters and say, "If only I had your body," and tell their daughters they have no reason for plastic surgery. But if your daughter makes this request, it is best not to be judgmental. You may not understand how she feels, but as a recent study showed, women of all ages dislike the size and shape of their breasts.

About 65% of women aged 18-25 are unhappy with their breasts, and the majority of them wish their breasts were larger. And, if you are looking for a graduation gift that will help your daughter navigate the complex social world of college, you could do worse than breast implants. College years are when women are under the most pressure to uphold society's high standards of beauty, and if she feels she is falling short, it can seriously impact her self esteem.

The less mental energy she devotes to worrying about her small breasts, the more she can spend on schoolwork and positively adapting to college society. But, even if you sympathize with her request, you might still feel uncomfortable. What should you do then? A flat denial is not a good decision--it may give breast implants the appeal of "forbidden fruit," and lead your teen to seek them out without the benefit of your support and input. Instead, help her figure out if this is really what she wants. Help her with research and attend surgeon consultations with her. Make sure she understands the risks and complications of breast implants, and make sure she understands how to select a good surgeon.

And if, at the end of the process, she still wants breast implants and you still feel uncomfortable, you can decide what you would like to spend on a graduation present and give her the money and make it her decision. After all, a graduation gift is partly an acknowledgement that your little girl has become a woman and will have to make decisions for herself.

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