Inverted Nipple and Its Correction

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Inverted nipple is a condition in which a woman's nipples point inward rather than outward.  For most women this is a congenital condition, but for others it is acquired as a result of an injury or disease of the breast.  There are three grades of inverted nipple.  The grade 1 inverted nipple, also known as shy nipple, is normally inverted, but emerges (or everts) in response to stimuli.  Grade 2 inverted nipples can be made to evert, but invert almost immediately.  Grade 3 inverted nipples never evert, and can cause significant hygiene problems.  In most cases, women with grade 1 and grade 2 inverted nipples are still able to breastfeed, although it can take a great deal of persistence and patience.  Most women with grade 3 inverted nipples have significant difficulties breastfeeding.

The surgical correction of inverted nipples is a form of breast enlargement.  Women who feel shy or self-conscious about their inverted nipples can have restored confidence with inverted nipple correction.  Inverted nipples can be corrected at the same time as breast augmentation, or it can be performed as a separate surgery.  The procedure is primarily cosmetic, as women whose inverted nipples would prevent them from breastfeeding will probably still be unable to breastfeed after surgery.

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