Little Changes Can make a Big Difference

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If you look at your face and feel that your appearance is either too masculine or too feminine, you may wonder whether anything can be done to help you look more like you feel you should look. The answer is: yes. Actually, the physical differences between a masculine face and a feminine one are very subtle, and often can be addressed with a number of treatments.

The nose is one of the most common areas that women feel makes their face look too masculine. A large, projecting nose contributes significantly to a masculine appearance, but a rhinoplasty can reshape the nose subtly, reducing the projection, changing the shape of the tip, and narrowing the bridge to convey a more feminine appearance.

Men often complain about a receding chin or a narrow chin that conveys a feminine appearance. Chin implants can contribute to a more masculine jaw shape and help give you a strong, masculine appearance.

Although high cheekbones tend to be a masculine feature, on an otherwise feminine face they can convey an elegant, striking appearance. Cheek implants can refine the contours of your face, and convey masculinity or strength.

In all these cases, the changes can be subtle, but make a big difference. You will still look recognizably like you, but you will be a little more masculine or feminine, depending on your desire. To learn more, please call or email D. George Lefkovits for an initial consultation.