Lost Weight but Still Don't Have the Curves? We Can Help

Buttock and Breast Augmentation (NYC), Park Plaza Plastic Surgery New York (NY)

Many women hope that going on a diet and exercising will be the key to a brand-new body. Then, after months of hard work, they find that the results are not what they desired. Some women find that they are left with:

  • Smaller breasts
  • Smaller buttocks
  • Loose, hanging skin

Or all three. If exercise and dieting haven't gotten you the results you want, even after you reached your target weight, plastic surgery may be the answer.

For some women, breasts are the first place they lose fat, meaning that you simply can't have the body and the breasts you want at the same time without surgery. But breast augmentation can restore your lost volume and give you the breasts you desire.

You may also have worked hard to tone your backside, only to see it shrink or altogether disappear. If this is the case, buttock enlargement is an ideal solution that gives you the rounder, fuller buttocks you desire, using only your own tissue.

You might have achieved the weight you want, but you are disappointed to see that instead of toned abs or arms, you just produced loose, flabby skin. A tummy tuck can remove excess skin and tighten your abdominal muscles, and other body contouring procedures can target loose skin in your arms, thighs, or elsewhere.

We might also be able to combine some of these procedures to help you achieve the figure you desire. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits today.