Men Aren't the Only Ones Looking at Breasts

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Although, men are guilty of looking quickly, often, and long at women's breasts, women also commonly look at the breasts of other women. In a different study, utilizing pictures of clothed models shown to men and women, it was shown that both men and women looked at women's breasts. In this study, published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior by researchers from Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany,  men were shown to look earlier and longer at women's breasts, but women still looked at the breasts. This study is not directly comparable to the other study because it used clothed models and subjects were not asked to rate the attractiveness of images.

The study does not give a good sense of how much women looked at other women's breasts, but a survey conducted by a British plastic surgery group, does. The study showed that although four in ten men confess to looking at women's breasts at least ten times a day, 90% of women confessed to looking at other women's breasts at least seven times a day. Furthermore, about 40% of those surveyed said they felt "breast envy" toward a friend or colleague. And this among a population of women that is relatively happy with its endowments. The survey revealed that only 51% of women were unhappy with their breasts (compared to 70% in this larger, American survey).

Between men and women's constant assessment, it is no wonder that a woman who feels uncomfortable about her breast size can feel very self-conscious. Breast augmentation or breast reduction can help women in this situation to get breasts that make them feel more comfortable and self-confident on a daily basis.

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