Men's Face Shapes

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The ideal woman's face is traditionally described as a heart shape, or sometimes an apple:  wide on the top, coming to a slender point at the bottom.  For men, the ideal is closer to a square or rectangle.  This ideal has a forehead that is not too high, not too prominent cheek bones, cheeks that are neither sunken nor round, and a strong jawline to the chin.  Some men are lucky enough to be born with this face shape, while others face serious impediments toward making their faces look strong, masculine and attractive.

Round Faces

A man with a round face may have several problems, but it generally relates to the placement of fat pockets in his face.  A round face can be good for a man who wants to be considered "cuddly," friendly," or "jovial," but a round face is definitely a problem for a man who wants to be considered "sexy," "masculine," or "assertive."  Men who are having trouble getting past the dreaded "friend zone" or being taken seriously at work should look at themselves in the mirror and consider whether face shape could be part of the problem.

Men with round faces can often achieve a square face with facial liposuction that can get rid of fat deposits that minimize the hard edges of the jaw line.

Triangle Faces

Calling this face shape a triangle is a polite way to get around describing it as a heart.  Men with this face shape have a well-defined cheek area, and a good chin, but the chin is often too long for the jaw.  For some men, this can give an appearance of "boyish" good looks, and they are very happy with it.  For others, though, it makes the face look too feminine or youthful.  These men may be described as a "younger brother" by romantic interests and at work may find they are not being given respect for their experience or authority.

Men with triangle faces can achieve a more square face with facial implants that improve definition along the jaw line.  The goal is not to eliminate the youthful appearance, but to temper it with a masculine edge that improves the way others look at you.

Rectangle Faces

The appearance of a rectangle face is actually very common for men who used to have a square face, but have aged.  The extreme rectangular face is Frankenstein's monster from the 1931 production starring Boris Karloff.  The face is definitely masculine, but gauntness, tiredness, and a receding hair line have reduced its charm.

Men who have had their masculine charm reduced by age can combine a number of remedies to restore their matinee idol appearance.  Hair transplantation can bring the hairline back down.  A brow lift can make the brows less heavy and angry-looking.  Facial fillers including fat transplants can make the face look less gaunt.

Many people will offer advice on how to use hairstyle or facial hair to "improve" the appearance of an off-shape face, but this is just another way to describe hiding your face.  Why go through life hiding when you can put on a man's face?  Schedule a facial recontouring consultation with New York plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits to learn whether he can help you achieve a more masculine appearance.