Mommy Makeovers: What Age Is Right for You?

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Mommy makeovers, combining plastic surgery procedures to help women restore their appearance after having children, have become increasingly popular. Every year, tens of thousands of women combine procedures like a breast augmentation or breast lift with a tummy tuck to try to restore their pre-pregnancy figure.

If you are also considering a mommy makeover, you may be wondering: when is the best time to have mine? The majority of women seeking a mommy makeover have it between the ages of 30-39, but the right time for your mommy makeover depends on a number of factors.

Are you finished having children? This is the first question to ask yourself. Many women find that their plastic surgery results bounce back after pregnancy, but this becomes increasingly unlikely with age. If you are considering a mommy makeover, it's best to wait until after you're finished having children to get the longest-lasting results.

What are your other priorities? The very age when many women are considering a mommy makeover may also be the time when they are trying to fulfill other obligations. If you are focused on saving for your child's college education, have to replace an unreliable car, are already faced with medical bills, or are trying to save for retirement, now may not be the time for your mommy makeover. Now is the time, however, to start planning, to make sure your mommy makeover makes it to the priority list for the near future.

How do you feel about aging? Look at pictures of your mother at about your age. The chances are that changes in your appearance will follow the same pattern as hers. If you feel comfortable with what your future holds, maybe a mommy makeover isn't for you, but if you don't want to follow the same path, then perhaps now is the time for your mommy makeover.

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