New Goal of Breast Augmentation: Shape, Not Size

Buttock and Breast Augmentation (NYC), Park Plaza Plastic Surgery New York (NY)

When Pamela Anderson was the unofficial spokeswoman for breast augmentation, most women were seeking to get really big breasts.  Women often wanted "D" cup or larger breasts, and shape was often a secondary concern.  A larger percentage of women were exotic entertainers of one kind or another, and the majority of the rest wanted the size to get attention, not the shape.

However, as breast augmentation has increased in popularity and become more mainstream, it has changed in nature.  More and more women report getting breast augmentation to "look normal," or to "look the way I did when I was younger."  With this as the goal, the average size of breast augmentation has decreased slightly, with 80% or more of women looking for a "C" cup breast size.  And shape is more important to these women.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. George Lefkovits has the experience necessary to understand how breast implants can affect the shape of your breasts, and will discuss your breast augmentation goals in terms of shape as well as size. If you like the shape of your breasts and want to preserve it after augmentation, or if you want to change the shape as well as the size, either is possible.  Dr. Lefkovits will discuss your options during your consultation.

To talk to Dr. Lefkovits about improving the shape of your breasts with breast augmentation, contact his Manhattan plastic surgery practice today.